Trend: Shake ya tail feather

Published Dec 28, 2011

What does every gorgeous party dress need?


Move over Little Black Dress the LFD – (little feather dress) is taking over this season.

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How to: Express yourself through your ball gown

Published Nov 05, 2011

Not keen on strutting your stuff in a traditional gown?  

Here at Cindabella we know traditional is not for everyone.

If you are one of these people or simply want to jazz up your look this ball season, this article is for you.

Listen up Cinda-liciouses; it’s time to get creative and express yourself.

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How to: Find the right shoe

Published Nov 05, 2011

Finding the right shoe can mean finding your personal balance between style and comfort.

You want to have a pair of shoes that lives up to your ball gown but doesn’t compromise with how much fun you can have on the dance floor.

After all, it is hard to smile when you have aching blisters on your feet from your pretty but painful choice of heels.

Check out these pointers for finding the right shoes:

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Body Shape: eXquisite 'X' Body Shape

Published Nov 05, 2011

X shapes normally have voluptuous boobs, impressive hips and a slim little waist.

Your beautiful shapely bust and hip measurement will be your largest, with your waist measurement being quite small.

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Body Shape: Vivacious 'V' Shape Bodies

Published Nov 05, 2011

So your upper body is a touch larger than your lower body.

You might have broad shoulders, an impressive bust, a waist that disappears, narrow hips and slim gorgeous legs.

Your measurements across the bust and hips will be pretty similar.

'V' might as well stand for Va Va VOOM in this case – you lucky V-shapers have a head start on so many levels!

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Body Shape: Amazing 'A' Shape Bodies

Published Nov 05, 2011

A slim torso, small to medium bust and a very well-defined waist with slightly larger hips, thighs and bottom.

Slender face & neck with sloping or narrow shoulders, narrow back and rounded calves.

Oh boy, you A's are almost too much woman to handle!


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Body Shape: Heavenly 'H' Shape Bodies

Published Nov 05, 2011

Whether you are tall or short your bust, waist and hip measurements tend to be quite similar.

You are fairly straight up and down, without much of a waist.

H Shape would have a full neck, broad back, average bust and a balanced figure with undefined curves.

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