Why Should I Wear a Wedding Garter?

Published Oct 02, 2016

Why should we wear a wedding garterWhy do women wear wedding garters on their wedding day?  Tradition of course.

With all the prettiness in the world hidden under the bride's dress, this little lacy accessory has wiggled its way into becoming a key component of a brides wedding day attire. 

So how did this tiny little piece of sexiness become a part of our wedding history?

To understand why we share in this old wedding tradition of the wedding garter, we really need to understand its history and meaning.

What is a Garter for?

Back in the eighteenth to twentieth centuries garters were used to keep up stockings and socks. Over the years they became one of the oldest wedding traditions.

Apparently in the olden days, wedding guests would follow the bride and groom to their room and for good luck they would take a piece of the brides clothing. Over the years this ritual turned into a wild wedding romp where the guest would end up tackling the bride for the piece of clothing that would bring them luck.

The garters, used purely for the practical reasons of holding up their stockings, became prized possessions in this wedding ritual. 

Thankfully we don't have to chase married couples to their bedrooms anymore.  At the wedding reception, the garter is retrieved by the groom from the bride's leg (great photo op), then he tosses it to the eager group of unmarried male guests. Like the ritual of throwing the wedding bouquet, myth has it the single man that catches the garter will end up marrying next.

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How many Garters does a bride wear?

The bride may use two garters to hold up her stockings or wear one for tradition to throw at the reception. Brides often choose to wear two garters: one to toss, and one to keep.

Which leg should I wear my garter on?

There is no rule as to which leg a bride should wear their garter on.

With so many varieties, styles and colors, how do I select an appropriate one for my wedding?

There is no rule on the type of garter you should wear. Some bride-to-be's have garters made from the fabric of their mother's wedding dress, some like to match the color scheme of their wedding and a lot like their garter to be their something blue.

Do only brides wear Garters?

Definitely not. Here in the United States, young women attending their high school prom wear a garter, usually designed to match the style and color of their prom dress. The prom garter is often given to their date as a souvenir.

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Should you wear a wedding garter? It's entirely up to you.

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