Best Promposal for 2016

Published Jun 12, 2016

The Best Promposal for 2016In Muscle Shoals, Alabama, everyone tries to out-do each other to see who can give or receive the best promposal.

Daylan and his girlfriend Abby-Shelton had been dating for over 6 months, so he really wanted to make his promposal super special. Being a junior and his girlfriend Abby-Shelton a senior, the pressure was on to come up with an idea to sweep her off her feet.

Here's Daylans story....

Back in October 2015 I thought of an idea to do a ‘Bachelor’ themed promposal as it reminded me of the first time I went over to Abby-Shelton's house. I was invited to join the family and watch Kaitlin’s season of the ‘Bachelorette’.

I had this idea that it would be amazing to see if I could get help from the actual creative minds behind ‘The Bachelor’, and sent a DM to Chris Harrison on Instagram. Telling him who I was and what my idea was, not really expecting a response.

To my surprise the next morning Chris messaged me back and told me that although the producers and network couldn’t get involved, he offered his help. That is where the video came in.

Early December 2015 I asked Abby-Shelton if we could throw a 'Bachelor' premier party and invite a bunch of friends, and she said yes. January 4th would be the day, even though that was a little early for a promposals.

I sent a message to Chris letting him know the date I need the video and he sent it to me the day before via email. Absolutely blew my mind that he actually did that for me.

We planned the party and invited all of our closest friends. At the party Abby-Shelton's mum invited everyone to watch a video about the food pantry she worked at, saying she needed volunteers. They all gathered in front of the television, then the surprise video from Chris Harrison was played.

After the video, I gave Abby-Shelton a rose and asked her if she would go to prom with me.

Surprised and amazed she said YES!!

We all sat there watching the video about 15 times, then I posted it on my Facebook and it went crazy. 

I'd like to say is a HUGE thank you to Chris Harrison for being so kind to do this for me. He really is as nice as he seems on television.


Daylan and Abby-Shelton at their prom.

that's my shelly

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