8 Amazing Reasons why every bride should have a wedding website

Published Mar 30, 2017

minted wedding websitesThe Cindabella team are always on the lookout for amazing ways to make your event even more special. We’ve found one that’s a must for every bride for their wedding - a wedding website.

Who doesn’t love embracing technology, it makes our lives so much easier, and what better way of bringing our family and friends together to keep them all informed of your upcoming nuptials than website full of fun, useful information.

Just in case you need convincing, we’ve rounded up 8 amazing reason why every bride should have a wedding website and… found the perfect place to find one.

If you’ve searched for invitations you would have fallen in love with Minted - we love their stationery and party decor. To complement their range, Minted have introduced their Minted I Do wedding websites and they’re stunning, super easy to use and totally free. They do offer a premium package that comes with all the bells and whistles if you really want to get totally creative.

Here’s our 8 amazing reasons…

1. A wedding website makes your life easier

Love being organized? Then you’re going to love your wedding website. A wedding website allows your guests to RSVP online, sign up for gift registries and plan accommodation. All the while looking stylish and fun. What’s not to love?

minted wedding website - travel and accommodation

2. It’s free

You can’t get better than that. We all know weddings can get expensive, so why not cut costs where you can, without compromising on style. Minted’s wedding websites come with all the features you need, for free. And for those of us looking for something extra personalized, their premium package is totally affordable too, with a one-time purchase fee of US$35.00.

3. You can personalize it

We all have different tastes. Your wedding is the opportunity of a lifetime to express yourself and be creative. With Minted, you have access to hundreds of unique wedding website designs. Each design is available in 3 layouts and you can change your design at any time. Plus, there are matching printed wedding invitations- it’s your one stop shop for DIY wedding planning and building your dream wedding brand!

minted wedding website - matched wedding invites

4. Manage your guests

Picking a guest list is hard enough, without having to keep track of who can make it and who can’t. A wedding website enables you to have your guests RSVP online and provides a platform for easy communication, no matter where your guests are located! As much as we love traditional invites, you can save yourself time, money- and paper, by getting your guests to save the date and RSVP online.

5. Saves you time

The beautiful thing about weddings, is that they bring people together from all over the show. This often means friends and family travelling from the other side of the country to spend your special day with you. It also means, a lot of your guests are going to contact you looking for a place to stay. So why not help them out and save you time as well? You know your home-town best, so use your website to give your guests the low-down on directions, maps, times, venue addresses, recommended accommodation and restaurants. Trust us, they will love you for it (even more than they already do).

minted wedding website - maps and directions

6. Easily updated

Changes in weather can really upset a wedding. Especially when a wedding is outdoors… At least with a wedding website, you can quickly notify your guests that the venue has changed- or to bring an umbrella!

7. Share your story

Let’s face it. We all love romance… love stories are our favorite! So use your wedding website to get a start on all those wedding questions. “So how did he propose… where did you first meet… how long have you been engaged…” It’s your day so shout your love from the roof tops and let everyone know the romantic path you took to get to it. Plus, it’s a lovely way for friends or family to feel included if they haven’t met your partner yet, or vice versa. Sign up to premium, and you and your partner can also show off all your beautiful engagement photos. You have waited your whole lives for this moment, so let’s make every part of it a celebration of your love.

minted wedding website - our story

8. Introduce your wedding party

With your personalized website, you can introduce the wedding party to all the key players prior to your special day. This helps match a face to the name, and saves a few awkward conversations on the day. It is also a great way to show your wedding party how much their involvement in your wedding means to you, and how your wedding (website) just wouldn’t be the same without them.

minted wedding website - wedding party

Head on over to Minted today to start your own wedding website.

Note: Minted wedding websites (free & premium) are for one year only.

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